We can help from start to finish whether you’re a first timer setting up or a well oiled machine, from 50 to 1500 people we can accommodate and bring something to the table.  Revenue generating games, ways to highlight silent auction items, doing a successful paddle raise, a drive in or virtual event, the most beneficial placement of procured items, ways to get sponsors, registration and checkout, Audio Visual, and of course an engaging and entertaining live auction are a few examples of what we can offer to enhance the experience.  We can even get you silent auction and live auction items if you are having trouble getting donations.

We like to consider ourselves much more than an auctioneer.  We are part event planner, committee member, announcer, entertainer, stage manager, comedian, motivator and then auctioneer.  This all takes time and experience to learn and we are always trying new ways to grow and enhance the experience.  We are apart of a fellowship of the most proven benefit auctioneers in the nation where we share ideas, share philosophies with one another to help grow and promote the best practices and ethics to our clients who we would like to call our friends.

Here is a recent example of the investment in us.  Project Rose in Nashville was doing there first fundraiser with 200 people and planned to only do a silent auction.  We came in contact with them 6 months prior to the event and mentioned the idea of a live auction, paddle raise and a revenue enhancing game.  They were open to the idea, we helped to get 5 live auction items, placed the paddle raise at the most advantageous time, and did a game called last card up and those 3 entities we brought in an extra $60,000 with not much more extra planning or legwork.  We helped explain the check in check out process and was apart of every call our client needed us to be to a comfortable point and it paid off in dividends.  Happy to say we are scheduled to work together again next year.  This is what we want to offer and deliver to you, a profitable investment that helps take stress off of you, raises more money and leaves a wonderful feeling for all the participants involved where they want to come back year after year and choose you to donate to!  We like to engage the audience in a fun way while also being enticing.  Having someone laugh while bidding is more enjoyable and successful then shaming or guilting and a lot more fun!

The best part of the benefit world is working with people who better humanity.  The magical moments we have been apart of that come together thanks to the hard work and effort of the team have been an honor for us to be involved in. This is what we strive for with all our heart.  We never want to be an expense to you, we want to be a profitable investment!   A great mentor taught us to make sure we bring a minimum of 10 times our paycheck when we show up. Whether it is measurable or not by the client, you know in your heart you helped bring 10x more by being there and are an important asset for the auction.  This is Kinetic Benefit Auctions, we are always here to help even if you’re not our client.  Lets better humanity together!!  Keep the Love of life and the energy in motion in the right direction.