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Shannon and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did as our MC and auctioneer for Care and Cure last night!! Like most events, there were last minute changes to the script and the added Fund the Need match. But you handled everything like a pro… I know I expressed on our pre-calls that you had big shoes to fill with respect to energy… well you not only filled them .. we need to get a new pair of shoes. The energy in the room during the Live Auction and Fund the Need was electric and you created a fun and compelling reason for people to give money.

I guess the greatest complement you can receive is the amount of money you raise… well based on early returns you “hit a grand slam” (since we are in baseball playoff mode”). We also really appreciated that no matter what was thrown at you, you calmly made the appropriate adjustments and made it work.

Thanks again Kenny and thanks for being a $100 donor as well. That was a much appreciated gesture. Like all events we will do a debrief… but I am voting for a Kenny return match next year.

– Don and Shannon | EndEpilepsy.org

I had the pleasure of working with Kenny as our benefit auctioneer, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. His ability to engage the crowd, keep the energy high, and drive the bidding was truly exceptional. Not only did he help us exceed our fundraising goals, but he also created an entertaining and memorable experience for all of our guests. I highly recommend Kinetic Auctions for any benefit auction event.

– Kathleen | Our Lady Fatima

I’m so happy to have met your acquaintance. You were PHENOMENAL. You made the evening, I hope you know. You are very gifted, you blessed our guests and friends with such joy and energy at the Gala. It’s easy to see how the event was a smashing success. People came looking for a good time; good times were had by everyone. Thank you, Kenny, for doing such a good job elevating and shining a light on the work of Olive Crest. We appreciate you.

I’m suspecting that we will be reaching out to you in the coming days when we have a need for an auctioneer at one of our events. And when we do, we hope you’ll be available and will say “yes!”

– Fawn Imboden, Development Director | OliveCrest.org

We hired Kenny as our benefit auctioneer, and it was, without question, the best decision we made for our event. From the moment he stepped on stage, his commanding presence and magnetic personality captivated the entire audience. His expertise, coupled with his charismatic stage presence, made the evening a huge success. He connected with people on a deep level, inspiring them to open their hearts and wallets for our cause. He guided us through the entire process, from pre-event planning to post-event follow-up.

With Kenny’s expert guidance, unmatched auctioneering skills, and impeccable attention to detail, we not only exceeded our fundraising goals but also created an unforgettable experience for all of our attendees. The positive feedback we received from our guests was overwhelming, and we attribute our success to Kenny’s remarkable talent and dedication. We highly recommend Kinetic Benefit Auctions to anyone seeking a passionate and highly skilled benefit auctioneer who can take their event to the next level. We can’t thank Kenny enough for his outstanding work.

– Jeffrey Johnston | Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Welcome to Kinetic Benefit Auctions where we understand the importance of your event and we DO NOT take it lightly.

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